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Spinal Adjustments

A manual technique where light movement is directed through the spinal joints. This helps relieve pain, restore movement, and activate sleeping muscles.

Muscle Activation

Stimulation of specific muscle activation points in your body will wake up sleeping muscles so you can use them again.

DNS Rehabilitation

Every human on this earth is born moving the same way. We use these foundational movements to wake up sleeping muscles that are failing you now.

Extremity Adjustments

If the joints in your arms and legs stop moving properly, we use different hands-on techniques to apply movement through the area to restore function.

Mechanical Disc Reduction

The movement of the discs in your spine is entirely dependent of the position of your vertebrae around them. We use these precise movements to fix disc herniations.

Nutritional Intervention

Sometimes cleaning up your diet is the most important thing you can do to feel better. Our plans and programs aim to abolish your inflammation, reduce your blood sugar levels, and create more daily energy.

Myofascial Release

Fascia is the web of connective tissue around your muscles. When scar tissue forms in the fascia, we use this direct hands-on technique to work it out.

Reflex Stimulation

Your body has certain movements pre-programmed on autopilot. This technique allows you to relax while we get these basic movement patterns working for you.

Nerve Flossing

The nerves in your arms and legs need to slide and glide with you as you move. This technique helps your nerves slide through your muscles more freely.