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It’s spring and your running career, dormant all the winter, has been kicked back into high gear as you prepare for your next half marathon, marathon, or even ultra marathon (100+ miles in one bout). ...
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There needs to be a giant shift in the way we search for the causes of pain. An arthritis diagnosis is, quite often, useless. If your pain started last week and your x-ray shows 20...
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“Make good food choices.”   It’s a simple directive that can become foggy once you hit the grocery store. With an eye on decreasing your inflammation and leveling out your blood sugar, we’ve assembled a...
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Shin splints have been known to sideline an athlete for weeks, in some cases months.  Whether you’re a runner, sprinter, or even a fast walker, you or someone you know has suffered the pain of...
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When I was growing up, the standard party line from home economic programs across the country was that the food you eat has nothing to do with how much awkward junior high acne you have....
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At this point in history, we can confidently blame American’s high sugar intake on the development of a variety of chronic disease; from cancer, to heart disease and diabetes, sugar has either caused or contributed...
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The joy around childbirth is palpable. It’s a beautiful drama that ends in a tiny miracle. But I am finding a recurrent problem with one part of the process: C-sections. It’s not that C-sections shouldn’t...
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In a world rampant with false health information and advertising, I have yet to see a more misleading, fear-driven, emotionally charged documentary.  What the Health is devoid of logic and reason.  Claims made in this...
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“My doctor said running is destroying my knees.”  Many runners can relate to this same sentiment, heard in healthcare offices across the globe.  But the fact is, running is a basic human function.  Humans have...
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